Jake Abel in Nylon Magazine | April 2013 (x)

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The Host Cast: No One Can Pronounce Saoirse’s Name (x)

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hurt!dean in asylum

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Jared being a cute little shit (◡‿◡✿)

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don’t you hate it when you ask people how they are and they’re all like “yeah im AWESOME!!!” and then when they ask you, you just force a smile and you’re like “yeah im really good” because you don’t want to ruin their mood when actually inside you want to scream “IM NOT FUCKING GOOD. IM IN A SHITTY MOOD AND I JUST WANT YOU RIGHT NEXT TO ME NOW BECAUSE THAT IS SIMPLY THE ONLY THINK THAT MAKES ME HAPPY IN THIS WORLD.”

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Jake Abel photographed by Adam Fedderly

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